Welcome to Petrie.Horse

I’m a network administrator passionate about horses and the GNU Public License (GPL). These two seemingly unrelated interests have influenced my professional path and imbued it with a unique perspective. As a network administrator, I apply the lessons I’ve learned from working with horses to my approach in managing complex systems. Just as a skilled rider nurtures a bond with their horse, I strive to establish strong connections with the networks I manage, caring for their well-being and ensuring their optimal performance.

Just as a well-trained horse exhibits agility and responsiveness, the networks I manage thrive on the principles of openness and collaboration, enabling seamless integration and optimal performance.

I am driven by two profound passions: horses and the GNU Public License (GPL). It may seem like an unusual combination, but these two interests have shaped my approach to my role in fascinating ways. As a network administrator, I draw upon the patience, discipline, and attention to detail that my love for horses has instilled in me.

I believe that just like a skilled equestrian tends to their horse’s needs, I must construct and maintain reliable network systems meticulously.

My enthusiasm for the GNU Public License stems from a strong belief in the power of open-source software and its ability to foster collaboration, innovation, and freedom. I wholeheartedly embrace the principles of transparency, sharing, and community-driven development that the GPL embodies. As a network administrator, I actively seek open-source solutions and contribute to the open-source community, sharing my knowledge and benefiting from the collective wisdom of like-minded individuals.

By embracing the ethos of both horses and the GPL, I strive for a harmonious balance between agility, reliability, and innovation within the networks I administer.

My passion for horses and the GNU Public License has deeply shaped my journey as a network administrator. The lessons learned from working with horses, such as patience, communication, and adaptability, seamlessly merge with my commitment to open-source software.

With horses and the GPL as my guiding lights, I aim to create robust and agile network environments that testify to the power of collaboration and open-source principles.